How we customized Prince2 to be more Agile

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by Romain T.
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06:48 am June 14, 2013

How we customized Prince2 to be more Agile


10:26 am June 14, 2013

Thank you for this overview, Chee-Hong! Could you please provide us a higher resolution of this picture so we can appreciate it better?

Also, I am very interested to know how and why Scrum roles were assigned that way (as it seems that the PO is now taking too many responsabilities).

11:34 am June 14, 2013

Hi Chee-Hong

Did you encapsulate a Sprint at Work Package level? If so, what did PRINCE2 delivery stages map to in Scrum? The release of increments?

05:43 am June 17, 2013

Hi Romain,

Sorry for the late reply as I just returned from my vacation.

The picture is initially a high resolution drawing but when I uploaded it, it got a bit fuzzy.
If you give me your email address I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Cheers, Chee-Hong

06:02 am June 17, 2013

Hi Romain,

I just saw your question.

According to the theory, the PO should acted as a mini-CEO and I think I’m real life this is a desirable thing. In a lot of Scrum projects that I’ve seen, the PO is just a delegated person with minimum authority. Or in companies (like mine) where they have a PO department that works closely with the stakeholders to cover all the high level items. (of course for the team there is always 1 PO)

In my opinion finding a good PO is challenging and I’m happy that we have a great PO currently working in our projects. Please note that the lines drawn back toward management isn’t always the task of a PO, but also the team. The lines just indicates that there needs to be some form of process because the team can start “scrumming”.

How we did it was I’ve talked with management about the new way of working and that we strive for more transparency.
I’ve also explained them all the Scrum events so that they can participant when they feel the urge. But I think in reality, management/stakeholders are very busy people and the information needs to (somehow) go upwards.

This way of working isn’t something we’ve decided to do in 1 night. It’s a slowly change process driven by our retrospectives.

07:10 am June 17, 2013

Hi Ian,

How we encapsulate a Sprint at Work Package level is indeed the release of increments. It’s not like a formal Work Package Document with related tasks that are defined at the same level within a Work Breakdown Structure, but rather a Sprint Backlog as what we are used to in Scrum.

Cheers, Chee-Hong

11:00 am June 17, 2013

Hi Chee-Hong,

Thank you for these inputs, they clarify the concerns I had about the PO's responsabilities in this scheme. Once known, it also highlight how the development team is empowered into the Controlling a Stage process, but I would be extra-careful with the original PRINCE2 reporting controls though, if they are still used.

Regarding your customized process model diagram, may I suggest that you post the original image on your blog, and attach the URL to it so everyone can read the labels easily? That would be awesome! ;)