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About the limits of a Psm I

Last post 06:03 pm December 20, 2021 by rick midlton
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06:25 am December 18, 2021

I recently got the PSM I certification. And one of the things that caught my attention was how organizations are, and a lot of people have no idea what Scrum is. They think that just "working in sprint" is scrum. This creates disbelief and misinformation. Sometimes I read nonsense about scrum masters. Sometimes I feel like writing an article or a post, but as I'm not a Professional Scrum Trainer, I prefer not to be reactive. What is my limit, and how far can I go? Thanks

ps:Don't worry, I write in Portuguese which is my native

05:13 pm December 18, 2021

As per the scrum guide: 

The Scrum Master serves the organization in several ways, including:
● Leading, training, and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption;
● Planning and advising Scrum implementations within the organization;
● Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact an empirical approach for complex work; and,
● Removing barriers between stakeholders and Scrum Teams.

I believe that these points also apply to agile leaders, as well as the following from the PAL learning path: 

How to Avoid “Reactive” Agile to Build a Sustainable Agile Culture

1. Support and protect Agile values with strong leadership
2. Help teams and stakeholders to self-organize
3. Manage your portfolio with Outcomes (not Output)
4. Systematically remove sources of waste and delay faced by Agile teams
5. Measure and improve value delivered with frequent feedback (Inspect and Adapt)


05:53 pm December 18, 2021

I was unclear in my post. I meant the limits of social networks, like LinkedIn for example. Can I write educational texts and talk about scrum without any problem? even not being a pst. I wanted more information about these limits. I only see information about commercial use. Just to inform me better. thanks

06:26 pm December 18, 2021

Scrum is creative commons and you are welcome to write anything you wish about it.  Just if you use text from something please be sure to site the source.


08:48 pm December 18, 2021

Can I write educational texts and talk about scrum without any problem?

Usually there will be problems. The organizations you refer to will be convinced you are wrong, naive, impractical, or have just failed to take into account how special they are.

02:00 pm December 20, 2021

I also have the same case. Interesting solution! Thanks!