membership levels?

Last post 01:01 pm June 25, 2013
by Anonymous
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08:57 am June 20, 2013

Can someone enlighten me as to what the membership levels reflect? I seem to be a "basic member". Bizzarely, Gunther Verheyen (who has every accreditation and helps run the shop) is listed as a "new member", the most elementary level of all.

I seemed to magically go from being a new member to a basic member when I submitted a hundred posts. I hope that has nothing to do with it, but I do wonder. Visitors to the forum could well read something into these membership levels when evaluating our responses. It would therefore be advisable to provide clarity around what it all signifies...or, perhaps, to drop these levels entirely.

01:01 pm June 25, 2013

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your question.

Membership levels are currently based on points distributed when new topics are created, questions are answered, and responses are given. It's great to see all of the community's contributions thus far, and we agree that those who contribute should be recognized appropriately. That said, we are planning to create ways to better highlight community influence.