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advice to study to the PSM - I

Last post 02:06 pm January 7, 2014 by Frank von Thienen
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02:34 pm July 14, 2013

Hi guys

i have seen users on forum, telling only study by the scrum guide and open assessments, it's not enough.

someone can advice me how can i study to.


06:06 am July 15, 2013

In terms of personal study, the Scrum Guide and the open assessments should be enough. These are pretty much the only study materials I used, and I passed PSM levels 1 and 2.


Personal study is not enough. You also need *experience* to pass PSM I...or at least to have attended a good training course.

11:19 am July 15, 2013

If you don`t have experience on using burndown chart I suggest you to read also some documentation about it`s definition purpose and usage.
I had questions on this and other people who passed the assessment got question on this too.

Getting a training is also VERY valuable, it will help you on measuring wording used into the scrum framework.
I am using scrum for about 3-4 years, and the training session gave me some refresh of what I already known, but answered me a lot of very detailed questions I had to deal with, and gave me answer and convection on what to do from now.

So if your company has training plan or budget for certificiation available, I suggest you to move forward with a training session.

07:17 pm January 4, 2014

thx, for your advices guys.

04:53 am January 5, 2014

Its true about the courses, they do help as you get some real quality time with instructors that know their stuff.
You also get the chance to form a study group with your course so this is a real plus.
This you can bounce questions and answers off each other and get some feedback on how it was for them.
Ian and Jerome are bang on with what they say, and even with a good training course its not certain on a first time pass, there are no concessions for anyone.
The exam is 60 minutes and 80 questions, so around 45 seconds a question which is why you must know the scrum guide and be able to expand on everything in it.

The Open will not cover all the exam so to get the best shot at it my vote too would be take a course, remember there is SCRUM and versions of SCRUM people say is scrum that are not.
I wanted to find out what raw scrum was so I could make my own decision on what is and isn't so took a course.
For me my experience is I was glad I did as it exposed those myths of "scrum,but".
Good luck with the study and if you do take a course hope you enjoy it.

02:06 pm January 7, 2014

I suggest, if English is not your mother tongue, to read the national translation first few times.
That worked for me