Scrum PSM with AWS Solutions Architect

Last post 07:19 pm December 30, 2021
by Ian Mitchell
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10:12 am December 30, 2021

Hello Community,

I have around 10 years of experience with 4 years as an ETL project lead. I'm PSM1 certified and AWS Cloud Practitioner certified - also preparing for AWS Solution Architect certificate. Need your help in the below outlooks:

- How can SM amalgamate with AWS.

- Is it better to opt for SM with DevOps(as I have the basic understanding of this) or with Cloud.

- What options it opens for me considering I want to move in more of a Techno Functional roles.

Thanks to all in advance - happy new year!!

Varun M(India)

07:19 pm December 30, 2021

Need your help in the below outlooks

None of the things you mention represent an outlook. Each is very constrained and inward-looking towards particular IT technologies.

I'd suggest that a good Scrum Master will have a genuine outlook and breadth of vision. There are complex challenges to be addressed across a diverse range of industries, involving all sorts of technical solutions.