While under development the environment in which a product will be used changed

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by Mark Stricker
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09:30 am July 22, 2013

Please help me with the following question:

While under development the environment in which a product will be used changed. What is the effect on the product backlog?

A: a. It is archived and a new Product Backlog is created to take its place.
B: There is no effect, because it has to stay the same until the end of the project.
C: It evolves to reflect what the product needs to be most valuable
D: It is converted into a requirements specification to ensure stability

I would tend to C or D.

09:56 am July 22, 2013

Hello Mark.

To clarify, what do you mean with "requirements specification" and where do you see the difference to a product backlog? Where do you see benefits in evolving or in in converting? And what leads you to your tend?


11:42 am July 22, 2013

Perhaps this thread will be helpful to you:


11:46 am July 22, 2013

By a process of elimination:

- It can't be A, because that answer is wrong. You don't archive a Product Backlog because of a change in a product environment
- It probably isn't B, because that answer implies that a Product Backlog stays unchanged until the end of a project, which is incorrect

That leaves C or D, as Mark suggests.

D is a poor answer for at least two reasons. Firstly Scrum does not prescribe the format of a Product Backlog, other than to say each item has a description, size, and order. The notion of converting it to a "requirements specification" is therefore meaningless. Secondly, there is nothing to indicate that the "requirements specification" alluded to will be more stable.

That leaves C as the best answer, since it is true that a Product Backlog should evolve to reflect the greatest possible product value.

12:06 pm July 22, 2013

Thank you very much for your answers. This helped me much.