Where to start SCRUM?

Last post 08:00 am August 9, 2013
by Wouter Goedvriend
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09:11 am August 7, 2013


I'm currently working on a CRM project and after a few stages the customer wants to make a new approach to optimization of time, where he first proposed raising the As-Is process and then set together, in other words, in the same meeting the To-Be process, business requirement and functional solution.
Honestly, I see it as a parallel extremely risky and not as an empirical approach and as far as I know about Scrum, it assumes that we have a Product Backlog defined.
I would like to know the opinions and suggestions of friends?

Big Hug,
Joao Carlos A. Lima

08:00 am August 9, 2013

Hi Joao,

First I have a question: Is your customers organisation executing a SCRUM project or do you want to fit SCRUM techniques into a non agile project?

When the organisation is executing SCRUM then my opnion is that the new approach your customer comes up with is not so problematic. As long as your Product Owner (which is the customer I assume) describes what he wants so it can be added to the Product Backlog. Discussing about how the current processes work to me is of a minor interest, als long as he gives the information of the requirements. So al the talks about requirements must lead to Product Backlog Items. To accomplish that you can use an interview technique that fits the best for the situation at your customers.

Are you working with user stories?