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Last post 08:08 am August 12, 2013 by Joe Pelosi
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11:21 am August 8, 2013

Having sat the PSM1 course and performed the short, free assessment numerous times with great success, I was feeling confident about sitting the PSM1 exam. I sat it and failed it with a score of 81% (pass mark 85% required). A bit frustrated but fair enough. When I emailed to ask for my answers so I could review and learn from what I did wrong I was told that it was their policy NOT to provide answers to questions. Very strange. How is it that one is supposed to learn from their mistakes if not shown where one went wrong? I have sat more exams and assessments in my life than I care to remember and I have never, ever known an assessment centre not let you see your results! did however provide me with apparent "areas" in which I should revise but these essentially mean nothing helpful whatsoever. At the end of the day, you never get to know which questions you got right and which questions you got wrong. I have since re-sat the exam and passed but I certainly would NOT recommend as a centre for learning or discussion.

04:18 pm August 9, 2013

Hello RMDonovan and thanks again for your feedback. We do not give out exact assessment questions and answers to protect the integrity of our test. The unfortunate reality is that some folks do and will post our info on different websites - that is why we manually go through and provide areas for our students to improve. We see that you have since retaken the PSM I assessment and passed. Congratulations!

Joe (