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PSM1 Q&A's

Last post 11:11 am July 9, 2014 by Damian Grech
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11:27 am August 8, 2013

I forgot to add in my last post something regarding the PSM1 assessment. When finishing the exam, but before hitting "finish exam" you get the opportunity to review your questions. If you need to go back you have to click individually through all the questions until you find the one you wish to review! Not very user friendly, especially as you're on a time limit!

Further, with multiple choice questions, why do some question tell you to, for example, pick 2 answers, while with others you have no idea how you're supposed to pick?

I wish would redesign the format of the exam and the questions to make it a bit clearer and a bit more user friendly.

12:33 pm August 8, 2013

Hello and thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on improving functionalities, which will make it quicker and easier for our users to review their assessment questions during the session. Enjoy your day!

Joe (

01:48 am September 3, 2013

With the open book nature of the assessment, the existing implementation that is time-boxed, with simple navigation is probably fine as it increases the degree of toughness to a certain extent and could be viewed as a differentiator.


09:31 am January 17, 2014

Re: PSM1 test navigation:

I'm planning on taking the PSM1 this weekend, and am curious: have the improvements in navigation mentioned back in August materialized since? Specifically, is it possible to mark a question that you want to review later, and to be able to jump to it quickly, without clicking through all the questions in between? Hoping for a quick answer...

10:39 am January 17, 2014

Hi Nilitopi,

Thanks for your question. I suggest writing down question numbers you want to refer back to.

The navigation enhancements will allow you bookmark questions to refer to, as it's possible in the PSD I assessment. PSM I assessment functionality enhancements are coming soon.


07:00 am January 20, 2014

I completely agree with RMDonovan.

I wrote down the question numbers I wanted to review in the remaining time just to find out that I have to count which is the question - this is absolutely user-UNfriendly and costed me a lot of time to check on all those questions I have marked.

03:13 am January 30, 2014

I am in Chennai / India and wish to apply for PSM-1 assessment. I am having the following questions.

What is the fee that I would be required to pay and where is the link to book for a program.

Is the exam conducted through a prometric centre in Chennai / India ? Or is the exam to be taken over the web from home ?

It would be great if the process is expalined in detail. This response would help many other people desirous of taking the exam going forward.

Thanks & Regards,

Srinivas V

09:42 am January 30, 2014

Hello Srinivas,

Thank you for your interest in! You are able to purchase an attempt at the PSM I assessment by going to the following link and clicking 'Get Password'.…

Each attempt is $100, and we would highly recommend that you first read The Scrum Guide and take the Scrum Open until you get at least a 95%. It is also a good idea to read the forums at for extra information and valuable discussion. assessments are not conducted through a prometric centre; they are online assessments and can be taken wherever a solid internet connection is available.

When we get the order for your PSM I attempt, we will process your password and send it to you within one business day. Your password will have a 14 day window of usage from when it is sent to you, so don't order it until you are ready.

Thank you and best of luck!

Joe (

09:37 am April 22, 2014

I have a query...If in between the asessment, the internet connection is lost, can we restart the assessment from where we left ?

08:50 pm April 28, 2014

Posted By Jay on 22 Apr 2014 09:37 AM
I have a query...If in between the asessment, the internet connection is lost, can we restart the assessment from where we left ?


I think you should be able to, but's support team can help in in case of any difficulties with the assessment.

06:46 pm June 26, 2014

Posted By Sunish Chabba on 28 Apr 2014 08:50 PM

Posted By Jay on 22 Apr 2014 09:37 AM
I have a query...If in between the asessment, the internet connection is lost, can we restart the assessment from where we left ?


I think you should be able to, but's support team can help in in case of any difficulties with the assessment.

I have the same doubt.... If during the test something happen, like lost connection or computer problems is it possible make the test again with the same password? Someone can answer it?

10:06 am July 9, 2014

Is reading /mastering scrum guide and getting over 95-100% in open assessment atleast three times in a row, gives go ahead and buy PSM assessment? Do I have to prepare on anything else? I am just making sure and want to clear it with shining numbers in first attempt. Please let me know if I have to study anything else before I attempt for PSM? Any reply is much appreciated.

10:27 am July 9, 2014

Snehal, you have to get 100% on Open Assessment every time you take it.
Make sure you know Scrum Guide REALLY well, that means knowing and being able to cite not only "what", but also underlying "why" of each piece of it.
Also make sure you know the Agile Manifesto, Scrum Values and their connection to Scrum Guide. That's important because there are a lot of tricky questions and to answer those the simple knowledge of Scrum.Guide wouldn't be enough. In this case you have to refer to Agile values and principles.
A good idea is to surf through this forum as well.
Don't forget though - visiting one of PSM live classes is the BEST preparation.

11:11 am July 9, 2014

Rather than getting 95-100% in the Open Assessment just because you learned the same pool of questions by heart, make sure you are answering them because you understood them.

If you think you understood why you are answering the way you answered in the open assessment, then you are ready to go for the proper assessment. But if you are just answering the correct answer because you learned it by heart, then you need to do more reading

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