Writing user stories for data modelling/data migration project

Last post 10:58 am January 12, 2022
by Balaji Dhamodaran
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07:34 pm January 11, 2022


I am looking for some ideas on how to write user stories for a data modelling project. Our team is working on creating a new data model (staging and target) and once it is ready, data will be imported from existing database to this new model.


I am trying to split large chunks of works like creating staging data model to smaller user stories, need advice on how this can be achieved.


09:07 pm January 11, 2022

A user story is a placeholder for a conversation about a potential requirement. So let's put the matter of splitting to one side. Do you expect this work to be emergent?

09:09 pm January 11, 2022

Ask your Developers to answer this question.  They are the ones that will be doing the work and would best know how to create meaningful Product Backlog Items of such a size that they could be completed in a single Sprint. 

10:58 am January 12, 2022

INVEST criteria can be followed to create User stories(Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimatable, Small, Testable).