When the number of sprints of a release is defined?

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by Anonymous
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07:49 am August 23, 2013


I'm studying SCRUM for imolement thin in my Company.

I got this doubt because I did not find this definition in the Scrum Guide. I think this task has to be done in the Release Planning, but I'm not realy sure about this.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

12:38 pm August 24, 2013

Hi Leandro

The simple answer is that the number of sprints before a release is defined in the Sprint Review. The Scrum Guide identifies the following as a suitable item for Review:

"Review of the timeline, budget, potential capabilities, and marketplace for the next anticipated release of the product"

Please note : In Scrum, each Sprint must result in an increment of functionality that is potentially releasable at the discretion of the Product Owner. There may or may not be a cadence to those releases, and so the number of sprints before an actual release may or may not be constant.

There are other frameworks (such as SAFe) that seek to establish a release cadence, but that isn't part of the Scrum philosophy.

05:21 pm August 25, 2013

Thanks for the reply Ian!!