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by Shubhra Misra
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05:44 pm August 23, 2013

Hi all,

i have a few wuations regarding my test prepartaion:

1. Ist the aamount of work the main reason that a sprint is 2 weeks or 4 weeks long?
2.. When the team works in certain locations and ha problems with organisation the daily scrum, who is resppsible they can do it (Scrum Master, Dev. Team, management)?
3. Can a annoying Team Member be warped out of the team? Who is responsible for this (Scrum Master, Dev. team other)?
4. What are the ToDOs of Scrum Master in Retrospective Meetings?
5. You realize in a sprint, that skill at dev team are missing. What has to be done for the current sprint or the whole project?
6. Could the Product Manager decide if a release wi roll out to customer or not? Or the Increment will allways be release to customer?

Thank you a lot for your Answers!

02:16 pm August 24, 2013

1. No, the amount of work has very little to do with it. Sprint length should reflect the optimal frequency for team inspection and adaptation. That will depend on many things, including market environment, team maturity, and external dependencies.
2. The Development Team should self-organize to overcome that problem, and the Scrum Master should help them to do so.
3. The Scrum Team is responsible.
4. To make sure the event happens, to attend as a peer and facilitate if needed, and to coach other attendees on how to participate.
5. The Development Team should determine the impact on the Sprint Goal. If they or the Scrum Master cannot provide remedy to any impediment, they or the Scrum Master should inform the Product Owner accordingly.
6. The Product Owner makes this decision.

08:48 am September 28, 2013

I have my exam on 30th Sept, I am worried looking at this forum.... will I be able to clear.. can you please tell me what type of questions I should prepare for...
also is there any post here which I should definitely read.. please help
what all should i prepare in the last 36 hrs.