Clarification on Sprint Retrospective

Last post 12:01 pm September 5, 2013
by Doanh "John" Nguyen
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09:37 pm August 24, 2013

Can someone clarify:

"By the end of the Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team should have identified improvements that it will implement in the next Sprint. Implementing these improvements in the next Sprint is the adaptation to the inspection of the Scrum Team itself."

What does "the adaptation to the inspection of the Scrum Team itself" phrase trying to convey?

Thank you in advance for any insight.

04:09 am August 25, 2013

It means it's the *response* to the inspection of the Scrum Team itself. The adaptation is the response. However, it's a very clumsy phrase. I had to read it 3 times to get the meaning.

08:31 pm August 25, 2013

Hi MM121,

Every event in Scrum is an opportunity to inspect (looking) and adapt(changing) something. During Retrospectives, we are inspecting (looking at) the way the team works in the Sprint, which will result in improvements in the next Sprint. So that phrase means: retrospectives should result in changes in the way the team works. I hope that makes more sense now.

09:11 pm August 25, 2013

Thank you, Ian and Joshua, for your translations. It's almost like one of those eyetrick picture. Now that you two explained it and I keep looking at it — YEP! I see it. Again, thanks.

12:01 pm September 5, 2013

Thank you gents for helping me clinch my PSM I certification today.