Demo meeting out of the Sprint Review

Last post 07:14 pm January 18, 2022
by Ian Mitchell
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11:19 am January 17, 2022

Hello there! I hope you're all good!
I want to ask your opinion about stakeholders asking for a demo's weekly alignment meeting because not everyone could make it to participate in the Sprint review. What do you think about it? Do you have any experience on this kind of situation that could help me give advice to the PO and the organization?

08:11 am January 18, 2022

The Sprint Review event should not be treated as a product demo meeting anyway.  I do not see why you cannot do product demo's on a weekly basis, especially as this is how UX people like to operate, as frequent feedback loops are always helpful. 

09:50 am January 18, 2022

Share the details of increments with stakeholders so they can explore with their hands on. Otherwise, the demo that developers showed can be recorded and shared with them. But sooner the feedback is better. 

10:14 am January 18, 2022

Hey Scott, thank you for your answer. I can see your point. 

10:24 am January 18, 2022

Thank you Balaji for the answer. Recording Sprint Review could be really helpful.

04:55 pm January 18, 2022

The Sprint Review is about a lot more than a demo.

For actual demos, I don't see why those can't be done more frequently (perhaps even ad-hoc) with stakeholders as work is done. Alternatively, demonstrations of changes can be done asynchronously with communication about the changes pushed to key stakeholders. Depending on the specifics of the situation, these or maybe other methods of demonstration are useful.

However, there are other aspects to the Sprint Review. The thing that I see missing in a lot of discussions is information flowing from key stakeholders into the Scrum Team. Although the Product Owner is in frequent (perhaps near-constant) communication with stakeholders, that isn't necessarily true for the Scrum Master and Developers. The Sprint Review is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to learn about relevant things directly from key stakeholders or stakeholder representatives - things like how the product is being used, the different types of people who are using the product, what customers and users are saying, what competitors are doing.

When it comes to people unable to attend the Sprint Review, I'd look at who is unable to attend and how frequently this happens. There could be opportunities to work with the key stakeholders to make sure they all understand the importance of the event and synchronization with the Scrum Team. If necessary, it could also be necessary to make sure the representatives of the key stakeholders with the necessary information can attend in their absence.

07:14 pm January 18, 2022

I want to ask your opinion about stakeholders asking for a demo's weekly alignment meeting because not everyone could make it to participate in the Sprint review

How are the stakeholders going to make themselves useful with this? What are they going to bring or do that the Product Owner could not do? How would this meeting improve outcomes, and how would it do so without interrupting the team?