Bachelor thesis: Please give me some Feedback on a simple Diagramm

Last post 02:12 pm September 4, 2013
by Marco Affeld
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10:30 am September 4, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I am currently writing my Bachelor.

The Topic is agile interfaces within a company. Part of my work is to map all the important interfaces within the company towards an agile project and give solutions for possible problems when turning to agile methods.

Now the labels are in German (im sorry)

Here is a translation:

1. Pre Project ( Contains budgeting, portfolio and Contract- management)
2. Customer
3. Management
4. Procurements/ HR
5. Reporting/Stakeholdermanagement
6. Infrastructure IT
7. QA/ Testing

8. Metaprojects (Interaktion of my agile Project in the big context of a large project
9. Interaction with classic projects
10. Interaction between agile projects

11. Interaction new/old roles in the company
12. Software/Hardware requirements
13. Interaction with existing and new carrer possiblities

Feel free to add, remove or move interfaces anyway you like it.

Any help is appreciated!

Regards from Germany!



11:33 am September 4, 2013

These interfaces are broadly those of a traditional IT project. They don't seem to conform to any actual standard that I can recognise such as PRINCE2. However there is a lot of material about how to map interfaces of this nature to agile methods.

As a starting point, I suggest you look at the following whitepaper for ideas:…

This describes how to integrate DSDM (an agile method) with PRINCE2 (a traditional project framework). On the whole DSDM is fairly well suited to the type of mapping you appear to be looking for, there's a lot of material if you google for it.

02:06 pm September 4, 2013

Right now they dont conform to any regular standard, because i found any standard from both sides lacking.

Most agile methods dont focus on the whole and most classic approaches focus on a lot of different things and the transition to agile is hard.

I took the Pmbok for example and even there, i couldnt really find a matching framework which tells me how to interact with "the rest of the organisation". But ofcourse i mostly looked at project management approaches.

Maybe there is another area where "interaction between projects and the rest of the organisation" is standarized?


02:12 pm September 4, 2013

On a side note, i read the whitepaper you suggested.

either i read too fast through it, but i dont really see it talking about interaction between the project and the rest of the organisation. it is mainly focused on the idea of taking "what from which concept" (Prince2/DSDM), without really telling you any specifics how to handle the transaction to agile.

This part of my work is really the idea of going in there and having a look at things like that:

"so far i did my budgeting 2 years in advance... now i use agile. how do i change?"
"employing someone new takes 3 months.... how do make my HR ready for agile?"

Different area:
"i have classic and agile sub-projects on the same big scale project... how do they interact?"

And the last Area:
"I have an existing "role" system in my company... how do agile roles fit in? How do they make carrer?
"What about new software/hardware? What do i need for agile?"

stuff like that.