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by Ian Mitchell
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09:45 am January 18, 2022

Hello there,

I have a little concern about the input of the events of scrum. In the scrum guide, it's tell us that there always an increment at the end of each sprint. Is it possible to have an increment done at the end of the sprint without to presenting it at the review ? It depend on what ?

I need a little summarize of what the input of this event.

Sorry, I'm not a native english writer.

By the way I have already passed PSM 1 with 97,5%, now I'm working to achieve the PSPO 1.

Thanks for your help.

04:41 pm January 18, 2022

If you don't inspect at least one Incremented (preferably the most recent Increment created in the Sprint), how can the Scrum Team and the key stakeholders understand what was accomplished during the Sprint and how they have progressed toward achieving the Product Goal?

05:33 pm January 18, 2022

Every element of Scrum serves empiricism, meaning each Scrum event is an opportunity for inspection and adaption, while the artifacts and associated commitments aid in transparency.

The Sprint Review is a collaborative working session that takes place between the Scrum Team and stakeholders. In addition to inspecting progress towards the Product Goal, the Increment is a key artifact which is inspected and feedback is given to the Scrum Team. Work to be performed in upcoming Sprints is also discussed, and the Product Backlog (another artifacts) gets adapted with potential changes. Perhaps the Product Backlog order changes as new information is made available or forecasts are discussed, or new ideas emerge from seeing the latest Increment and are added to the Product Backlog items.


07:18 pm January 18, 2022

Is it possible to have an increment done at the end of the sprint without to presenting it at the review ?

The purpose of a Sprint Review is to consider the work that has been Done and the work that remains to be Done. The critical output is an updated Product Backlog.

Do you think that this can be accomplished without presenting the Done work?