Looking for Story Splitting / Sub-Task Examples

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by Sudhakar M
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08:10 pm January 21, 2022


I'm preparing a workshop for multiple product teams about how stories can be broken down - first by story splitting, and then by creating sub-tasks. I'm looking for generic story examples that can be used in this exercise. Surely this has been done before, but I'm not finding what I need online. Thanks for your help! 

10:15 pm January 21, 2022

What would these "product teams" be breaking down stories for? In their case, what would they be trying to accomplish?

By way of comparison, Scrum Teams would refine a Product Backlog to de-risk Sprint Planning. They'd be less concerned about decomposing assumed scope, and more concerned about understanding the conversations they'll need to plan into future Sprint forecasts.

10:07 pm January 23, 2022

Hi Ian,

To add some clarity, by "multiple product teams" I mean that we have 8 Scrum Teams working on multiple products. For the workshop, I want to use one epic for a fictionaly product as story splitting practice. After this post, I thought of using a retail website that needs to add a curbside pick-up option, but I'm still open to other ideas.

I am working toward getting our actual stories small enough that we could move into doing no estimates. But that's a tall order for this group, as it's not uncommon for weeks or months of development effort to go into one pull request. Do you have an example epic I could use or other experience in this area?



01:02 pm January 24, 2022

I think a retail website should work fine as an example. I would also suggest, however, that in this example you might not know how external delivery would work -- curbside pickup being just one option -- or whether such a capability is in fact needed at all.

Scrum is intended for complex challenges where more is unknown that is known. An evolving backlog of work should reflect the conversations that ought to be had about these uncertainties. There will be feedback from empirical experiments which validate any assumptions being made. Bear in mind that story splitting is not about decomposition but rather about evolving an emergent backlog of work.

04:17 pm January 24, 2022

I found this with good examples if anyone ever finds this post and is looking for something similar:


08:32 pm January 25, 2022

Michelle Benes - Not sure if this helps you. Let's take the hierarchy starting from the initiative, 

Initiatives:  Building an ecommerce platform for selling cellphones

Epic 1: Product Catalog Management & Display

Feature 1: Product Catalog Landing Page 

User Story 11 : Display All available phones from catalog : As a customer, I want to see a list of phones available in the product catalogue so that I can choose the model that I would like.

     Task 111: Creating the list page based on wireframe

     Task 112: Write a query to pull the product catalogue and display based on the list page

     Task 113: Display the make/model and the price below respective phone models


User Story 12 : Phone details page: As a customer, I want to view the details of the phone I select from the list page so that I can view the specifications of the phone that I selected

User Story 13: Phone Comparison Page: As a customer, I want to compare at least 3 phone models so that I can select the compare and select the model that I like.

and we can go create stories for various other functionalities like, Filtering phone by model, make, etc., Sorting by price, Pagination, etc,


Epic 2 : Order Payment processing

Feature 2 : Payment Functionality

User Story 21: As a Product Owner/Architect, I want to build an API for customer's to pay via Mastercard

User Story 22: As a Product Owner/Architect, I want to build an API for customer's to pay via Visa

User Story 21: As a Product Owner/Architect, I want to build an API for customer's to pay via Paypal

and similarly you can logically add on for creating payment page, saving card details in default, 


Epic 3 : Shipping & Delivery Update.............


Hope this helps and I guess this is what you are expecting.