Agility Path: "Cost of Delay"

Last post 11:18 am September 24, 2013
by Ian Mitchell
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05:54 am September 24, 2013

Does anyone know if "Cost of Delay" is a recognized measure in Agility Path? It seems to go against the spirit of measuring actuals, and is a clear example of how forecasts can become subject to commoditization. As such it is arguably unagile.

Nevertheless, Product Owners find it useful for Product Backlog prioritization and release management...many do it informally even if they don't know the term. What position is being taken on this?

10:59 am September 24, 2013

Cost of Delay is not one of the measures used in Agility Path. We focus on value delivered to the organization by increased organizational agility. If I reverse "cost of delay" I would get something like "value of speed to market". Some of our metrics get at that: cycle time, release frequency, revenue, customer satisfaction.

11:18 am September 24, 2013

That's a good explanation. Thanks.