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Scrum - TFS - Tasks - Not being updated timely

Last post 12:10 pm January 29, 2014 by Sandeep Kamat
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05:14 am September 30, 2013

I am currently doing the role of a scrum master. The team is using TFS to track the backlog and they break down the PBI's into multiple task's and assign the hours against each. Now, the team is achieving the sprint goal but they are not updating their task state (WIP, Done etc) and reducing the hours which are left on that. It looks like they keep on forgetting that or may be its not something worth it for them. I have to remind them at times to update that and its done then. So, I just wanted to understand what is the most effective way so that team keeps on updating tasks daily, so that everyone is updated with how much work is remaining?

05:31 am September 30, 2013

Most standups happen around a Scrum board where it should be obvious if task states are not being updated or burndown looks poor. If you're using TFS rather than a physical board, you should have a screen nearby with this on. Then you can spend 5 minutes before the standup going round the developers and asking them if they have done their preparation.

Remember to coach the team that board updates should be pull driven and not pushed to the next state.

06:39 am September 30, 2013

UrbanTurtle is a good tool which gets integrated with TFS for showing the tasks movement. It works like a scrum board.

Project it during your standup meeting.


11:02 am October 2, 2013

You can always rely on 3rd party tools, or you can have iterative approach, where you help others to adjust by small steps like - ask everyone to update their current work state at the end of daily stand up meeting (if doing those). Then after few weeks ask to update in the day end. And continue till you reach behavior where everyone will update their work before asked.

02:09 pm October 3, 2013


Could you comment further on this idea:

" Remember to coach the team that board updates should be pull driven and not pushed to the next state.

I like the term "pull driven" but not exactly sure what you mean.


04:11 pm October 3, 2013

"Pull driven" means that work flows through the system as a result of demand. At each stage in the value chain, somebody should actually want the prior output as an input and be able to use it. This stops waste accumulating.

Pushing work leads to the buildup of excess stock on hand which is wasteful.

12:10 pm January 29, 2014

If your team is breaking down the stories into tasks and also estimating them that that is great. If they are also meeting the sprint goes and keeping the stakeholders happy at sprint review what more can you ask for.
I would update the tasks myself based on the daily stand-ups. If the above paragraph is true for your team than I would calculate the number of hours needed to be burned down each day and ....

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