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Question regarding Open Scrum Assessment

Last post 12:54 am October 9, 2013
by Anonymous
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10:03 am October 5, 2013

Hi everybody,

who can help me out? I took the Open Scrum Assessment and got the following question:

Question 20 of 30
The purpose of a Sprint is to have a working increment of software done by the Sprint Review.

A) True
B) False

Please think about the answer thoroughly before you continue reading.

I would say B) False is correct because the working increment is done by the Development Team and not by the Sprint Review. However, the correct answer which the Open Scrum Assessment provide me was A) True.

Who is able to explain me the correct answer?

Thanks a lot and kind regards

11:49 am October 5, 2013

It means the working increment must be done by the time of the Sprint Review.

01:44 am October 7, 2013

Posted By Ian Mitchell on 05 Oct 2013 11:49 AM
It means the working increment must be done by the time of the Sprint Review.

You mean the working increment must be done before the Sprint Review begins, right?

Isn't the question ambiguous? I mean the word "by" is ambiguous in this question. I must say i am not a native english speaker.

02:23 am October 7, 2013

All sorts of words get overloaded in English, including "by". Much depends on context.

This question depends on understanding that the Sprint Review is a timebox, and not a role. If that is understood then the word "by" is appropriate, and the question is not ambiguous.

12:54 am October 9, 2013

Alright, thanks a lot for explanation.