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Last post 01:10 pm October 16, 2013 by Nitin Khanna
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11:48 am October 10, 2013

As I was preparing for PSM 1 exam, I prepared a one-page summary based on the SCRUM guide and the SCRUM master training I had attended. I found this extremely helpful as I prepared for the exam. I have attached this to this post to help others that may be preparing for the exam. Feel free to respond back with any additions/edits to be made to this summary. Good luck!

01:36 pm October 10, 2013

Let me know if you don't see the attachment.

04:33 pm October 10, 2013

Dear Raj,

can you please provide this picture in a higher resolution (quality)?

Thanks & Regards,

02:39 pm October 11, 2013

Please send an email to and I will get you the original powerpoint file that I have to view or edit on your own. Unfortunately, the website is not helping. The site does not allow me to upload PDF, does not upload any document with size more than 500 KB and it compresses the document I do upload.

11:04 am October 15, 2013

Nice work Raj. The class in Ohio was great. Hopefully everyone did well on the exam.
--Ryan Ripley

01:10 pm October 16, 2013

Thanks for giving back to the community, Raj.

While I haven't been able to clearly see the graphic, I have 1 piece of minor feedback.

Consider keeping "Scrum" in lower case, otherwise some may think of it as an acronym. You do have this in lowercase in latter sections, so want to be consistent.