Certified Scrum Master vs Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Last post 04:09 am October 27, 2013
by Prab M
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06:18 am October 11, 2013

Hi guys,

I just been offered to become a "Scrum Master Accredited Certification" and I saw that it's very ease to obtain it.
First I would have to spend 1 1/2 hours looking at some cartoony videos that explain all the major concepts of Scrum and after that, sign up for a test.

I got my Certified Scrum Master in the "traditional way" two years ago, having the 2 day training course with Certified Scrum Trainers and passing a Certified Scrum Master test.

Anybody knows what's the difference between both certifications? A "Scrum Master Accredited Certification" is the "new" Certified Scrum Master certification? Is it an official certification?

Thank you all for helping me clarifying these concepts.

06:29 am October 11, 2013

Unless the Scrum Master test you end up taking is PSMI or PSMII, then it won't be an official scrum.org one.

04:09 am October 27, 2013

Various organizations offers a Scrum Master certification and a few of them are recognised by the industry. Do your research on the Web and list out the most respected ones.