Does the Sprint Planning meeting consist of two sessions??

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by Ian Mitchell
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07:23 am October 11, 2013


I am studying to take the PSM1 test by doing the tests on testtakeronline and it says that
"The Sprint Planning meeting consist of two parts, each one beeing a time-box of one half of the Sprint Planning Meeting duration."

But when I read the Scrum Guide it says that the Sprint Planning answers the following:
* What can be delivered in the incrementresulting from the upcoming Sprint? (Topic One)
* How will the work needed to deliver the Increment be achieved? (Topic Two)

But it says nothing about that the Sprint Planning consist of two "sessions" and that they should have a time-box of one half of the Sprint planning Meeting.

Or am I missing something?

Can someone please clarify?
Thanks in advance!

08:30 am October 11, 2013

Sprint Planning used to be divided into two parts (What and How), but this changed in the July 2013 revision of the Scrum Guide. Now these are treated as topics to be addressed. They still can be handled as separate parts of the Planning session...but they don't have to be.

05:17 am October 15, 2013

Great, thank you for the clarification!

05:31 am October 15, 2013

We actually started out as 1 meeting where the PO presents the items to the team. After each item the team starts asking (functional) questions to cover “all” scenario. (“all” is a questionable term) After that the team starts creating sub tasks and provide estimations.

Because the PO had a problem with the time that is needed for the Sprint Planning Meeting (4hours for a 2 week Sprint) we went back to Sprint Planning Meeting part 1 (the what) and part 2 (the how) where the PO is not mandatory in the second part. (PO is aware of the consequences of not attending the meeting)

10:56 pm October 17, 2013

I have worked with having two halves to the meeting and also having one meeting where we discuss each item and the team break down into tasks. I find that with complex projects, the team forget the understanding behind the acceptance criteria of what we discussed in the first half of the meeting. Therefore we changed to one meeting where we discuss and breakdown. For simple projects, I find you can do the meeting in two halves, but I favour the first method. I can see why the scrum guide got updated.

04:39 am October 25, 2013

Many a time we have only been able to pick out the items for the upcoming Sprint. We then break off for the rest of the day to think it over since you really don't have the knowhow to breakdown items into tasks so early on the first day of the the Sprint.

We usually have detailed discussions after our Daily scrum meetings and this is where most of the Sprint backlog emerges.

10:00 pm January 18, 2016

My quesution is related to the eastimation.

In which part of the Sprint Planning Meeting, team provide their estimations?

04:11 pm January 19, 2016

The Product Backlog Items are always estimated, ideally during backlog refinement session.
The Sprint Planning Meeting is the very last chance to RE-estimate the items.

05:48 pm January 19, 2016

> The Sprint Planning Meeting is the very last
> chance to RE-estimate the items.

Sprint Planning is the last chance to re-estimate prior to a Sprint Goal being agreed for the associated work. Re-estimation of items, and the work remaining, may continue during the Sprint. Estimates should be kept up to date, as the Sprint Backlog is subject to potential replanning.