Who is responsable by the burndownchart ?

Last post 03:24 am November 9, 2013
by Christian Nicoll
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09:55 pm October 16, 2013

hello guys i have a doubt, whto is responsable by the burndownchart: Scrum Master, Product Owner or Dev Team ?

11:00 pm October 16, 2013

I believe this has been asked couple of time. My comment would be - Dev team is responsible for updating the remaining work and the burndown chart should be generated out of it, so the responsibility lies with Dev team.


11:45 am October 17, 2013

thx Sanjay Saini.

11:25 am November 4, 2013

I'd say the answer depends on which burndown you're talking about. For example:

Sprint Burndown : Development Team
Release Burndown : Product Owner

07:53 am November 6, 2013

Hi Derek,

i'am newbie in scrum, then can you explain the difference between both?

03:24 am November 9, 2013

While a Sprint the Development Team works on several Product Backlog Items (PBIs) which were picked-up before in the Sprint Planning Meeting from Product Backlog. Inside of a PBI the development Team usually defines some Tasks which are required to finish this PBI, bring it to "done". Now, when the Development Teams finishes a task, then the work-left for the Sprint is smaller than before. With an Sprint Brundown Chart (Example: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Burndown_Chart_of_Agilo_for_Scru…) this can be visualized and make transparent.

On the other side the Product Owner has to observe the whole Product Backlog with all PBIs, and so the work-left, independent of the current Sprint. So how is here the Progress over the project duration? How much work-left for the project? With the help of the Release Burndown Chart can be the left-effort over all Sprints be visualized.