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Engineering Practices

Last post 06:54 pm October 27, 2013 by Fredrik Wendt
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07:38 am October 19, 2013

I have a doubt. When does a Development Team make adjustments to its engineering practices? Can it be done in Sprint Retrospective?

08:03 am October 19, 2013

Hi Sandeep,

It would depend on what the Engineering practices are that your team is trying to implement and/or improve I guess.
Last retrospective I did with the team, we talked about enhancing your Definition of Done, mature test environment and improving the deliverables of our increments.


Definition of Done: this was enhanced during the Retrospective.

Maturing our Test environment: Assigned a team member (in this case me) to talk with departments like TechOps to enable a Test environment.

Improving quality: we agreed on working more in pairs during the Sprint. So also decided during the Retrospective.
So I would say, be pragmatic about it and see which scenario fits your situation :)

12:29 pm October 19, 2013

An agile team should make suitable adjustments as close as possible to the time and place of any triggering event.

The Sprint Retrospective is a formal team opportunity to inspect and adapt the implementation of the Scrum process. Daily standups are a team forum for adjustments in relation to the Sprint Goal. However, there is no implication that these are the *only* opportunities for managing change.

12:50 am October 22, 2013

Engineering practices adjustments can be done any time during the sprint. Daily Standups and Retrospective are events to formalize it but team should not wait for it. DSU and Retrospective may be good options for distributed team while co-located teams can discuss and make the adjustment during a normal working day.


04:24 am October 25, 2013

A formal decision to make a change can be made during the Sprint retrospective. But Scrum embraces change and is an Agile framework so you should be responding as soon as possible when the need for change arises.

However let us say you want to change a Configuration Management system then this is a decision which requires the buyin of several others besides the Scrum team. Such a change cannot be done without proper planning and thought

06:54 pm October 27, 2013

Posted By Sandeep Singh on 19 Oct 2013 07:38 AM
I have a doubt. When does a Development Team make adjustments to its engineering practices? Can it be done in Sprint Retrospective?

If the change impacts a team's velocity and/or sprint forecast, then it sounds like a good idea to make those kind of decisions during Sprint Retrospectives. But, as others have pointed out, anytime may be the best time - what we don't want is too many changes happening ruining the opportunity to try to analyze or draw conclusions from the changes/experiments. (Think of Deming's Plan Do Check Act.)

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