Games for Agile and Scrum

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by alessandro manfredini
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09:36 am October 25, 2013

ı am planning a training session for the management team of customer care group. So I would like to make them play 2 games to better understand Agile principles and Scrum framework. Can you recommend games for Agile and Scrum?

12:39 pm October 26, 2013

Hello Ebru,

I created a community website where people post games/simulations/exercises for accelerating the adoption of agile principles:

There are a lot of games on there, but some I use fairly consistently are:
Scrum Resort Brochure:
What Were They Thinking:
99 Test Balloons:
Presto Manifesto:

Hope that helps!


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12:11 am October 29, 2013

One of the things which worked for me during my training session was a compressed 3 day sprint with each day being 10 minutes.

We were divided into Scrum teams and given a problem and asked to deliver the product at the end of the sprint.

Pretty intensive way of crunching all important topics into a compressed time frame but it worked for me.

03:34 pm May 26, 2014


here you will find a Scrum Simulation in german, english and polish:


10:56 am June 4, 2014

The choice of the game depends one the knowledge of your trainees and the time they can afford !
I use very "Pocket Sized Principle" from tasty cupcakes, thank you very much Don !
It is also very short, and I like short games when the trainees are busy managers.
For a full Scrum training, I like , but you need at least 2h, and some lego bricks ;-)

12:16 pm April 11, 2018

Thanks for contributing the details. It is very useful.

07:39 pm April 16, 2018

Hi, this is puzzle game I created to teach the Agile values and principles:…

05:40 am March 4, 2019

Hi there :)

A guide to build your own agile game:

Hope you find it useful


11:01 am July 7, 2019

A simulation workshop which uses the concept of crime story as a product of a Scrum team:

This is great also for management and non-it people. Everyone can write crime story.


02:25 pm September 24, 2019

I know this is an old thread but thank you, everyone, that posted on it.  It has helped me 6 years later :).



12:23 pm October 30, 2019

Thank you so much for the great ideas!

I am searching for a good agile simulation game for a Skype-based training that I want to give. Do you have any ideas?

Many thanks and best,


02:51 pm December 10, 2019

I recommend also 1-minute movie:

An Agile simulation workshop which uses the concept of the movie as a product

Each team would create a 1-minute movie video using their mobile phones, they should create the scenes and actors using Legos and modeling compound.


11:16 am April 6, 2020

I found this new Agile Game quite interesting.

It works local and remote (I used the previous version 2 years ago):


Video (5') :

SNAPe | Enterprise Agility :