Scrum Roles

Last post 04:16 am October 27, 2013
by Ilia Pavlichenko
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01:52 am October 27, 2013

Can a Product Owner & Scrum Master be a same person ? , I am aware both these roles have different set of activities to be performed in a Scrum team. I want to understand if No, then Why ?

04:16 am October 27, 2013

They can't. The Scrum Guide doesn't explicitly talk about that, but:

1) Scrum moved away from keeping all powers in one person called Project Manager. All responsibilities were divided between the Development Team, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. Trying to be both PO and SM would be re-creation of the Project Manager.
2) That would be a conflict of interest. From one side you're protecting a team (SM) and show their real capacity, from the
other side you want to get more and more features (PO) and business value. These are mutually exclusive directions.
3) The Scrum Master is a servant leader for the Team. This would be endangered if he/she becomes a PO

Hope that helps.