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by Andrzej Zinczuk
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05:24 am October 29, 2013


I am working as a Product Owner and I would like to introduce Release burndown chart to my product. On web side: I found that Scrum Master is responsible for it. "The release burndown chart is updated at the end of each sprint by the ScrumMaster."
I did not find anything in Scrum Guide about Release burndown chart.
So my question is:
Who is responsible for updating release burndown chart?
Thank you :).

08:08 am October 29, 2013

Hi Izabela

The release burn-down / burn-up was part of earlier Scrum Guides but has been removed. See an article explaining about that:….

Even if not required, the chart is still a good tool to track progress and provide visibility. So if you as a PO want to introduce it, do it yourself or ask the team to provide it. Maybe they have a kind of Sprint-DoD to update the chart. If so, you make it the responsibility of the team.
The Scrum Master may help the team to create the chart or to setup the rules for updating it, but I wouldn't say that it is his/her responsibility to draw it.

BTW, I much prefer Release Burn-Ups to Burn-Downs because it allows to see the total of all planned items for the release in addition to the progress.

Regards, Jörg.

08:33 am October 29, 2013

> Who is responsible for updating release burndown chart?

In an agile or lean way of working, a burndown chart should be updated by the first team member who sees that this needs doing.

This principle of "going to where the work is" holds for updating information radiators as well as for expediting work in the value stream.

03:05 am October 28, 2014

What is the purpose of a trend line in burn down chart?

03:29 pm February 9, 2016

The role of PO is to be able to work with stakeholders about releases, increments, value etc - all those require some predictions in planning. Burn down is one of options. It is in PO best interest to have data and tools to work with it. SM whose main responsibilities is to make sure left work is transparent to everyone. One of the option is to introduce burndowns, charts or other.

Choosing best tool to have should be output of discussion among scrum team. Healthy team will provide solution without need to point out who is responsible for it.