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Test site is down while doing the PSM I assessment?

Last post 12:17 pm November 15, 2013 by Elvis Hung-Ming Hsu
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11:51 am November 15, 2013

Hi, All,

I was conducting my first PSM I assessment today and a serious issue occurred, the testing site was down.

I think I was answering my 61st question, and clicked "Next", and my Google Chrome showed "The operation timed out". I still had almost 35 minutes left. Well, first thing I did was to open a new tab on Chrome and search something on Google to make sure my Internet connection was fine. Yes, the Internet was fine and I had tried to access many other websites and all of them were working.

So I went back to the assessment page and hit the reload button on my browser. Well, the result stayed the same, The operation timed out and only the "question" part of the page. After few times of reload, the page somehow worked, but didn't last long. Eventually, the time ran out and I failed the assessment.

After I got the result page, I went to the Open Assessment page and it was the same. In about 30 minutes later, the Open Assessment page was back to live again.

I have sent an email to address the support team this issue. Hopefully I could get a new password to access the assessment again.

Has anyone had this issue before? What would you do if you were me?


12:17 pm November 15, 2013

Dear all,

Just got the email from support team and it was the technical issue of the site. They sent me a new password to access the assessment again.

They also informed me some information regarding accessing the test (quote from the email):


1. Please try to ensure a secure internet connection is present before beginning your next assessment session

2. Please try your attempt from a home or personal computer, as your employer/organization may have elevated privacy or firewall settings that are conflicting with your assessment session

3. We recommend either Firefox or Google Chrome as being the most reliable internet browsers for running our assessments (and Internet Explorer specifically as typically proving to be less reliable).


Be sure your environment meets above recommendations.

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