Self-Organized Team

Last post 05:02 am January 23, 2014
by Robert Zuurbier
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03:18 am November 19, 2013

Is increase the feeling of being accountable a benefit of a self-organizing team?

06:00 am November 19, 2013

Let's work through this.

Suppose you are a member of a team that self-organizes and which is in control of its own process. Who else, other than your team, would then be accountable for the way it works? Do you think it is a good or bad thing if team members feel so accountable?

09:59 am December 12, 2013

in scrum, team is responsible for every thing, not the individuals.

05:36 pm December 15, 2013

No doubt, it is a benefit that team feels more accountable.

06:37 am December 18, 2013

I agree, it is a benefit

05:02 am January 23, 2014

As a Scrum master, how would you increase the feeling of accountability in the team? What kind of excercise is there or what kind of questions could I raise during the Retrospective to make the team aware that they are in control? Are there any ideas on how to develop the sense of control over own processes?