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Validation user stories

Last post 02:51 pm November 19, 2013 by Ian Mitchell
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12:28 pm November 19, 2013


I'm having some trouble figuring out how to handle validation using user stories. I've come up with the following approach but I'm not sure if it is correct.

Is the following a valid user story?

As a Comptroller
I want to prevent a customer from being disabled when it has unpaid invoices
So I can ensure that the customer pays their invoices

If not, how would I ensure that this is properly tracked?


01:06 pm November 19, 2013

As an administrator who disables customer accounts,
I would like to be prevented from disabling a customer account if the account has unpaid invoices
so that customers have a chance to pay their invoices.

Acceptance Criteria: display a message to the administrator with information about why the account cannot be disabled.

01:07 pm November 19, 2013


02:51 pm November 19, 2013

Perhaps this can be written as a specific acceptance criterion for a more general user story, e.g.

Given a customer account
Where at least one invoice is unpaid
Then the account will be enabled