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Need Experienced Workshop Provider for February 8, 2014

Last post 10:51 am November 21, 2013 by Anonymous
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10:51 am November 21, 2013

I am looking for an agile/scrum expert in the Northeast who is also experienced in giving in workshops. I need such a person for a 2.5 hour workshop on Feb. 8 for APICS professionals in Albany, NY on using agile/scrum methodology for project management (not software).

APICS is a non-profit trade organization focused on supply chain and operations management. Feb. 8 is a district meeting combined with a student case competition. I direct a program to provide training and execution in state-of-the-art skill sets - agile and scrum being of great interest.

If you are interested, to speed things along, please send your input to me (Cynthia) at with a high level outline of what is to be taught, details of you joining us, and up to three examples each of 1) agile/scrum project management outside of software and 2) providing workshops/presentations.

You can review APICS at and the Northeast District at

I look forward to your input. Thank you.