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Time-boxing questions

Last post 11:52 pm December 1, 2013 by Imansyah Budiman
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10:42 am November 24, 2013

Hallo everybody,

i have one interessant question: what happens if the Ddevelopment team cannot complete its work by the end of a timebox?

1. the timebox is adjusted permanently to reflect reality
2. the timebox is extended temporaly. Lessons are taken to ensure it doesn't happen again
3. Scrum should be abandoned
4. the time-box holds and the development team continuously learns what is actually possible to do within a timebox

My answer is 4.

What you meen??


01:38 pm November 24, 2013

Yes, 4 is the best answer. The Development Team must hold to the agreed timebox once it has started.

09:39 pm November 30, 2013

Hi Mitchell,

I agree with you. However, I have a situation here.

We are running a one-month Sprint and close to the end of the Sprint, we noticed there are issues (bugs) that still major. The system can't go launch without the bugs being fixed.

Hence, we got 2 options:
1. Change the time-box to add one more week to fix the bugs where the DT are confident able to fix it.
2. Still finish the Sprint within the time-box (1 month). And start the next Sprint with just 1-week long to fix the issue..
3. ?? any suggestion?

How would you advise in this situation?


Posted By Ian Mitchell on 24 Nov 2013 01:38 PM
Yes, 4 is the best answer. The Development Team must hold to the agreed timebox once it has started.

09:26 am December 1, 2013

Assuming you have a fixed delivery date and would only have an extra week after the final sprint, you'd be better off just having that as a 1 week timebox. That's 1 more than you'd have with a 5 week phase. You'll maintain comparible metrics and Scrum events for team inspection & adaption (why did these major issues arise?), and can make suitable plans for the final week including any technical debt that the team will not be able to repay.

11:52 pm December 1, 2013

Thanks Ian for the advice..