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Best describes the topics covered in Sprint Planning

Last post 05:26 pm March 20, 2024 by Stephan Kristyn
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06:11 am December 19, 2013


could you please help me with the following question?

Which answer best describes the topics covered in Sprint Planning?

1What can be done and how to do it.
2What went wrong in the last Sprint and what to do differently this Sprint.
3Who is on the team and what team member roles will be.
4What to do and who will do it.
5How conditions have changed and how the Product Backlog should evolve.

I think answer 1 is right or?

06:35 am December 19, 2013

> I think answer 1 is right

The question isn't simply asking for the right answer, it's asking for the best one. The process of evaluation is important. So, why do you believe answer 1 is the best? Can you explain why the other options don't seem to be as good?

06:57 am December 19, 2013

Hello Ian,

i think:

2: It is input for other Meeting
3: Scrum team member roles (PV, DT and Scrum Master) must be clear by beginning the project and when changed not input for sprint Planning meeting
4: who will do it discuss in daily scrum

But im not sure righty answer is number 1 or 2

08:03 am December 19, 2013

2: It is input for other Meeting

Yes, what went wrong & what to do differently should be discussed in a Sprint Retrospective, not Sprint Planning

3: Scrum team member roles (PV, DT and Scrum Master) must be clear by beginning the project and when changed not input for sprint Planning meeting

Membership could potentially change as an adaptation following a Sprint Retrospective, but it would be unusual to do so. You are right that the matter has nothing to do with Sprint Planning.

4: who will do it discuss in daily scrum

The team can make tentative plans for the allocation of work to team members during Sprint Planning. However, any such plans are subject to modification during the Daily Scrum, or indeed at any point. Therefore, this is not likely to be the best answer.

What about number 5 though? Should a Scrum Team look at "how conditions have changed and how the Product Backlog should evolve"? If so, can you identify the Scrum Event that is most suitable for that purpose?

04:40 am January 9, 2014

Yes. Check requirements / conditions changed is important! And impact must be considered into PB. 1 and 5 correct. But detailed and important statement answer 5.
Thank you for your help Ian :-)

10:58 am January 9, 2014

Hi Mandy,

For (5), would you consider the Sprint Review event to be more appropriate?

06:25 pm March 11, 2014

I would say that answer 5 is more about Backlog Grooming and Sprint Review but can be done in any Scrum event as all of them are an opportunity to inspect and adapt.
So I would say that answer 1 is the best fit.
Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm planning to pass the PSM assessment and think this question might come up.

06:31 pm March 11, 2014

Hi Darya,

From an assessment perspective, I would select 1.

If there's more clarification needed, I would encourage people to look at the Scrum Guide's section on "Sprint Planning."

09:53 pm December 22, 2022

Sprint Planning answers three questions; Why, What, and How. 

The answer is 1.

Why this/these PBIs? Usually answered and clarified by the Product Owner, after which developers should have the courage to voice their concern if they think otherwise, then the whole team can respectfully deliberate on it and agree.

What do we need to do? Usually answered by the developers

How do we do it to meet DoD and the timebox? Usually answered by developers, taking Definition of Done into consideration as well the the sprint timebox of 30 days (or less depending on what the team agrees on)

05:26 pm March 20, 2024


PO proposes how product increase value in the current sprint, the Scrum Team defines a Sprint Goal reflecting this and communicating this to the stakeholders.


Dev Team selects PBIs based on past performance and DoD, Scrum Team refines.


PBIs be decomposed by Dev Team into work items smaller than one day and how to work on them is at their sole discretion.

Sprint Backlog

Why (Goal), What (PBIs) and How (Plan) is referred to as the Sprint Backlog.

I will post easy-to-understand articles, videos and infos around my understanding of this exciting framework on my blog.

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