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Question about Multiple choice question in PSM II test

Last post 10:08 am December 21, 2013 by Ilia Pavlichenko
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04:22 am December 21, 2013


In one question in the PSM II about risk for the project, they are 4 answers :
A) lorem ipsum
B) lorem ipsum
C) lorem ipsum
D) lorem ipsum
E) All of the above

I don''t know how the robot read the answer and I want to be sure.

If I want to answer E), do I have to check also A; B; C & D (as it is a multiple choice answer) ? Does it matter for the robot ?

04:30 am December 21, 2013

Hello, Oliver

You got it right. Choosing 'E' means that A, B, C, D are correct answers for the provided question.

07:21 am December 21, 2013

But don't you think that 'E' is confusing and useless in multiple choice question.
A response like 'All of the above' should only be proposed in single choice question.

10:08 am December 21, 2013

I can agree that it makes the question harder, you really have to 'think' and exactly know why that's right