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by Anonymous
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03:06 am January 7, 2014

Hi All,

Can you suggest how to go with PSD1 test?

I've working experience with agile engg practices.. would like to assess my knowledge, is that sufficient or any further practice required?

12:53 pm January 8, 2014

There's the PSD Open Assessment on this site. I suggest:
- you try that and give your feedback here.
- consider its relationship to the Scrum Guide...and also to practices which are not in the Guide, such as those of Extreme Programming.

04:10 am January 9, 2014

Yaa.. thanks for the suggestion Ian, I tried with open assessment and scoring 100%. every time
But i'm bit sceptical about the scope of questionnaire in the test.

For example: take the topic "Agile Testing" how to know the scope of the syllabus?
another question is will the test ask questions about any specific tool related questions (e.g VS 2012 , TFS, or NUnit etc)

As of now to ensure my preparation pass proof , I have only one option in my hand, that is

Reading the following Books back to back
1. Agile Testing by Lisa & Janet
2. Agile Estimation and Planning by Mike Cohn
3. User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn
4. Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk
5. Continuous Delivery

it takes considerable amount of time go through all these books. Is there any way to assess other than open test?


11:10 am January 10, 2014


It's great that you want to improve your Scrum developer knowledge.

You might find our Agile and Scrum Library helpful.