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Scrum Open Assesment

Last post 12:40 pm January 8, 2014 by Ian Mitchell
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02:50 am January 8, 2014

I'm getting prepared for the PSM I Assessment. I've read the Scrum Guide and some other resources.
I took the Scrum Open Assessment a couple of times and it seems that the questions are very repetitive. Last time i got the score of 97% but i think this is quite deceptive as i was answering the questions for the second or third time!
Are there any other training assessments that i can take? Or any other suggestions?

05:45 am January 8, 2014


It really is boring, but at least 10 to 15 of these questions appears on the PSM I Assessment. So it really is a good way to practice!

07:13 am January 8, 2014

Thanks :)
But is there any other resources?

07:47 am January 8, 2014

Here in the community you can find a lot of topics with reference to quality materials. But here are some that I used and already indicated to other members:

I have a lot of documentation in portuguese, since im from Brazil, but here are some other links to material in english that may help you during your preparation:

- :(A lot of tips for SM's)
- (Blog from Ian, active member of the community), wich helped me a lot to understand some topics like Estimation and Sprint Planning.
- : Collab.Net Youtube Channel with a lot of Scrum Training videos.

and of course, the 2 most mandatory:

- : Share your doubts and learn with other peoples experience

07:51 am January 8, 2014

Oh, and with google you still can find some other assessments to level your skills. Can't recommend any 'cause I mostly used portuguese assessments.

12:40 pm January 8, 2014

The PSD Open Assessment, although intended for those taking the Developer exam, is another chance to experiment with the "house style" and can add breadth and polish to your Scrum revision.