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Are posts regarding assessment questions and answers allowed?

Last post 02:47 pm January 9, 2014 by Fredrik Vestin
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09:00 am January 8, 2014


Could someone from please clarify what forum rules that applies? I can't see anything in the "forum terms of use" or the "forum rules of engagement" that forbid questions about the assessments and the forum is filled with them. But I have read several posts from (what I believe is) representatives that discourage these kind of posts, e.g. Personally I don't have a problem with it but I don't want to break any forum rules.


10:00 am January 8, 2014

The advice from scrum is study the guide, and I dont think people have a problem with answering questions.
Its when posts are placed that say can you tell me the answer to Q1,Q3,Q4,Q6 etc etc.
These questions are not on the open, they are in an exam so exam based questions.
I guess the same logic would apply to actual exam questions on distribution of them, I would say no.
Before you know it the whole PSM examination system would be worthless as you could pass by reading the forums.
Not even touch the scrum guide, how bad would that be?

Knowledge is better so if the question really has some substance behind it then a wording of an answer would be okay.
If someone has twenty questions from the exam that hasnt sat it yet then thats a different matter altogether.
Even if you pass or fail you dont get the questions and answers you failed on.
Certainly no resource here on has many of those questions posted (and the answers).
As SM its good practice to be an ambassador, education rather than direct answers would be the better way or get the candidate to drive their self to the conclusive answer with help.
Bet if you asked where the question came from would be met with silence ;-)


01:16 pm January 8, 2014

This appears to have been a problem with some of the queries I have attempted to answer. My issue is I can't be 100% certain where posted questions have come from. They might have come from the PSM exams, or they might have cropped up in the Open Assessment, or they might be from a third party.

I'm sure one or two threads I've responded to have been deleted in the past few days, presumably because the questions must have been "live" ones. I have no real way of knowing.

I agree that it should be made more clear in the forum rules that questions from the real exams are not allowed. That might (perhaps) reduce the rate of offence, and save at least some forum time from being wasted.

12:33 pm January 9, 2014


Posting assessment questions and answers on the forums is forbidden, however, we encourage asking questions to foster discussion that enhance your understanding of Scrum.

Obviously, such questions might be inspired or triggered by assessment questions.

We've updated the Forums Terms of Use and Rules of Engagement to align with this thinking.


02:47 pm January 9, 2014

Thanks for clarifying Daniel

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