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Thread for PSD1

Last post 11:05 am January 9, 2014 by Nitin Khanna
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04:25 am January 9, 2014

I feel like we need a thread for the study tips for the PSDI.

Please post your experience and preparation tips in taking the test.


11:05 am January 9, 2014


I have similar advice for taking the PSD to that of the PSM.

A) Read and Study the Scrum Guide
B) Take the PSD Open Assessment
C) Don't just focus on the right answers, but look at what the incorrect answers are
D) If concepts / practices are revealed in incorrect answers, know them as well
E) Know the PSD Objective Domain
F) Keep taking the PSD Open till you score 100%
G) If taking a class, keep in touch with your peers / instructor

Good luck, and hopefully there can be some others who also share their experience / tips.