How to manage impediments in Sprint Backlog?

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by Daniel Wilhite
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01:08 pm March 4, 2022


I am bit confused of managing impediments in Sprint Backlog. Mainly it is about impediments that can not be resolved in short time (during the current running Sprint) and prevent product backlog item in the Sprint Backlog to be completed. Should those items must  removed from current Sprint Backlog and put back to the Product Backlog? Or what is the preferred way on working with these items?

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06:34 pm March 4, 2022

What impact do these impediments have upon the Sprint Goal?

07:24 pm March 4, 2022

There is no "preferred way" unless your organization chosen one.  

Many of us have had good experience with handling uncompleted items in the Sprint Backlog by discussing them, putting them into the Product Backlog, providing updated information/estimates and then pulling them into a future Sprint.   Others choose to roll them into the next Sprint.  Still others will choose to split the item into "completed" work and work left to be done. 

In the end, it is all a matter that your organization must deal with.  Ideally, each team will decide how to deal with the situation since they are self-managed, self-organized. 

I will end with stating that @Ian's question is the basis of how I help my teams determine how they would like to handle the situation, since the goal of a Sprint is to satisfy the Sprint Goal. 

05:57 am March 5, 2022


Thank you for your comments. It does not have much impact up on Sprint Goal.

Daniel your approach was helpful for me.

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08:47 am March 7, 2022

Agreed with @Daniel. However impediments size, dependency on others, feasibility also needs to be considered. So to help Team as a SM , a SM needs to help team to include impediments into PB, analyse all the prospects, help the team to remove impediments. as even self organizing team needs SM to resolve organizational impediments and few team level impediments.

Below link can give a better insight on impediments handling -

Getting to Done: Tackling Impediments | - Impediment Logs in Scrum

10:28 am March 7, 2022

Thank you Jaya Agnihotri!

11:28 pm March 7, 2022

I just re-read my comment and realized I missed one point.

I can't believe that I didn't state that in addition to it being something your organization and each team needs to decide, I always advocate that there should not be a "standard".  I encourage that each time this situation arises, it should be viewed as unique.  There are times that I've had teams do all of the processes I mentioned depending on the situation. So, don't come up with a "standard process".  Use the empirical nature of Scrum to make the most appropriate assessment of the situation and arrive at the most appropriate solution.