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Last post 12:12 pm January 10, 2014
by Fabio Silva
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07:01 am January 9, 2014

Dear all,
I like to thank all helping hands to improve my knowledge within SCRUM.
I did pass the second attempt with 94%. (first was 81%)

What I did?
1. reading the scrum guide in the national language a couple of times until I got the right understanding of everything important. Paying attention to the little differences within the text itself. Who, what, when.
2. reading the original scrum guide to get used to the terms and phrases within the guide.
3. having the open assessment passed at least 15 times with 100% result to be very familiar with the standard questions in the real test. That gives you a descend buffer for the real important and unknown questions.

The rest is confidence in the own capabilities :-)


08:34 am January 9, 2014

Congratulations! =)

01:19 pm January 9, 2014

Great work Frank, now comes the tough part :-)

10:49 pm January 9, 2014

Congratulations Frank, I really appreciate your feedback because as you know I'm trying to prepare my PSM I exam without to have experience in Scrum, so this feedback is very useful for me.

My native language is Spanish, so I'm following your advice and reading in my native language first!

Frank, I have a little fear regarding 'sprint burndown', I have heard that is not cover in Scrum Guide, Open assessments not ask anything about this, but in the real exam seem be that is an important topic. What is your opinion about this? - What questions do you remember abou this?

Thank you

12:12 pm January 10, 2014


I only remeber some questions where you had to choose what were mandatory event in SCRUM. That was the main reason for me to study Burndown and Release related topics