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Everyday life is Scrum?

Last post 03:26 am January 10, 2014 by Ian Mitchell
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10:42 pm January 9, 2014

Hello Scrum guys!

I'm newbie in Scrum framework, I'm reading Scrum Guide and doing tests with Open Assessments in order to prepare my PSM I exam.

I don't have experience in Scrum, but while I'm reading Scrum Guide, I was able to think Scrum as part of everyday, for example:

Normally I print the school responsibilities of my kids (in this point I'm thinking in Product Backlog and 'Post-it'), the school days are only 5 (this is Sprint reduced from 15 days / 1 month at only 5 days !!), the mother of course is Product Owner and I'm SM and my kids are Development Team !

This is a funy way for me to understand that possible all of the time we are follow a pattern


10:50 pm January 9, 2014

Hi Nico,

Welcome to Scrum!

Yes -- this is one way families try to apply Scrum and other Agile practices. There are people who have shared their experience and you may be able to Google this.

Just remember that while this is a framework, there are some rules as well.

Good luck for the PSM and in your path to agility!

10:55 pm January 9, 2014

Thanks for your response Nitin, I'm reading a lot of Scrum, user experiences, even I'm watching some videos that I found in order to clear all my questions and of course using this valuable resource as Scrum Forum. Thanks a lot !


03:26 am January 10, 2014

Many people have tried this...just google for "agile family". Here's an article about it in the Wall Street Journal:…