sprint target / sprint backlog

Last post 07:50 am February 4, 2014
by Ian Mitchell
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06:07 am February 4, 2014

Hello everyone,

I am new to scrum and even though I was reading a lot, one of the things that is unclear to me is the relation between the sprint target and the sprint backlog.

I understand that the sprint target is formulated by the time in the sprint planning meeting, what I don't understand is whether it is defined through the backlog items picked? Or is it a more overall goal like "the software should perform better with added functionality in the areas .... " or are the finishing up ("done") of sprint backlog items the goal?

Thanks for helping out, even though for most of you this is a simple question.

07:50 am February 4, 2014

The Sprint Goal expresses the product value that the increment should deliver. The selected items should be sufficiently cohesive to make the release of an associated increment worthwhile.