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PSM-I passed + Feedback

Last post 06:07 pm October 29, 2014 by Anonymous
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07:40 am February 4, 2014

Hi *,

I have just passed my PSM-I exam with 96%. Below are some points which could be useful for those planing to takethe exam.

1) The timebox (60 min.): As a non-native speaker of English I was a little worried about the shortage of time (45 seconds for each question). I gotthrough all 80 questions in under 30 minutes. Therefore I had the chance to go through all questions again and improve/change some of my answers.

2) As mentioned in several other feedbacks in this forum, understanding the Scrum Guide and practicing with help of the "Open Assessment" is the main key to passing the exam.

3) There were many questions (~ 20 ) from the pool set of the open assessment, that means it is very important to do the open assessment so often that you don't need to waste time on these questions in real exam.

4) Pay attention to the keywords like "false", "NOT" , and possible answers in digit or in text form (2 , THREE) within the questions.

5) Pay attention to the options like "None" or "all".

6) Some of the questions are in "Radio Buttons" that means you can only select one option. But there are also questions in "Checkboxes", where more than one answer can be selected. In some of these checkbox questions, there is no hint/indication that multiple answers/options could be correct. I recommend that if you have time to go through the checkbox questions at the end to re-check again your answers.

Last but not least, I learned a lot from the disscusions in the forum,
among others my special thanks to Ian Mitchell who quickly and precisely explained every question.


11:01 am February 4, 2014

Thanks Mehdi for the tips.

11:11 am February 4, 2014

Can you share more online assessment you might have tried before taking this test?

I have found a few like and I find both of them fine but there are questions and answers which look little different to me.

06:15 pm February 4, 2014

I didn't have any questions besides Open Assessment. I did additionally several times Open Assessment for Development, to get familiar with the exam format. Now after exam, I can say that you do not need the effort to search for extra questions sources . They might be even as false friends for this exam.

Try to read and understand Scrum Guide deeply. I myself stopped after each sentence of S. Guide and tried to re-constract what I had read, It is difficult to remember the facts if they are abstract. Our Brain (memory) needs picture to keep the facts permanent. making examples and imaginary scenarios with people that you know well in your project helps to remember the rule.

I give an example: on page 5 of guide you read "...The Product Owner may do the above work, or have the Development Team do it. However, the Product Owner remains accountable." This could be easily topic for a tricky multiple choice question.

In the exam was many question about who (SM,PO,Dev.,...) is responsible for ( X, Y,.Z,..). And in many of them the correct answer was Dev. Team because they are self-organize, cross-functional team. Several question were about DoD most of them were either exactly the same question from open assessment pool or were easy to find out which option is correct.

The exame was much easier than what I expected.


09:47 am February 5, 2014

Thanks Mehdi for your reply!!!

02:13 am March 3, 2014

Congratulations on passing your assessment!

I needed some information since I am preparing for the PSM 1 examination as well. I was trying to look up for the same in the forums, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

What is the process after purchasing the password? I understand I will receive an email and I need to take the assessment within 14 days of receiving the password. But is the examination online on the internet? If yes, how does it remain fair to ensure that people are not copying or seeking help while giving the exams?

I hope I am not missing something very basic which is already listed on the website somewhere. I have done my PMP wherein the rules are quite stringent since the examination is taken at some registered external agency.


04:03 am March 3, 2014

Hi Satish,
you may find the answer to your question here:

06:12 pm March 17, 2014

Congratulations Mehdi and thanks for your tips!

10:45 pm June 2, 2014

congratulations! i am so happy for you mehdi.. you studied so hard.. i can tell by your posts on this forum :)

05:58 pm October 29, 2014

Hi Guys, is there anyone to give correct answers to my questions happened in exam, I got %82 and not passed?

meanwhile, I dont agree with Mehdi's comments , it seems only he is doing his advertisement.,sorry this is fact.

06:05 pm October 29, 2014

Hello Murat,

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