How to interpret the Scrum Guide

Last post 02:16 pm March 19, 2022
by Katrin Evertz
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05:53 pm March 18, 2022

Hi, I am new here and I am preparing for the Scrum Master assessment. In part I am a bit unsure about the correct answer to questions. For example, if the question is: β€žCan the Scrum Master and the ProductOwner be the same person?β€œ, then the answer is difficult for me. I think it contradicts the sense of the different roles that one person has wo roles. This brings some role conflicts. But in the guide it is not explicitly "forbidden". So what would be the right answer to the question? Sorry if my english ist not so good – I do my best 😊.

Greeting Katrin

10:20 pm March 18, 2022

Scrum is minimally prescriptive, so if something is not explicitly forbidden it can be done. Whether or not it should be done is left for intelligent people to determine within their own context.

10:53 pm March 18, 2022

Thank you for your reply. Then I will read the guide again with the point of view in more detail.