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PSM II Preparation

Last post 09:08 am February 16, 2014 by Ian Mitchell
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05:21 pm February 7, 2014

Hi all,

I just got my PSM I - I can't thank enough to everyone contributed on forum, scrum support and whole community that is very supportive! Thank you guys, it was very helpful.

Also, a big thanks to Kent A. Johnson and his great and interactive two day training.

I wanted to ask what would you recommend as a next step in regards to PSM II assessment?


02:05 am February 8, 2014


from my experience the best preparation for PSMII is attending PSM course.

06:45 am February 10, 2014

Who is Kent A. Johnson? Sorry but I am totally confused because I never know any Professional Scrum Trainer named Kent A. Johnson.

08:23 am February 10, 2014

Bizarrely I just ran into that name today. He's worked with Jeff on the application of Scrum in CMMI Level 5. Kent Johnson is affiliated with the Scrum Foundation, along with Jeff Sutherland, James Coplien, Gabrielle Benefield and various others with Scrum Alliance backgrounds.

05:02 am February 11, 2014

There are just too many "bodies/groups" in the Agile/Scrum world :-) I hope some day the fragmentation will reduce.

Based on the posts here by PST’s and others it appears that the PSM course is useful way to bridge the knowledge gap. The complicated part (for me) is to determine how much value it can add to a person who has already done PSM-I without attending the course (I have completed CSM and ACP as well). Further, the course options are extremely limited in most parts of the world and Pune, India is not in the coverage map as yet. USD to INR conversion rates are frightfully high considering the fees for the course + exam ( + travel + accommodation as it’s not offered in my city + loss of pay as course is scheduled on working day!). Considering the potential costs involved, self-study appears to be the only viable option for me as of now.

Self Study Route (open to ideas)
1) Try to read as many of the reference books (most are not readily available in India re-prints!) as possible from…
2) Continue to read the Scrum Guide and practice both the Scrum Open as well as Developer Open.
3) Catch up on some additional Agile centric concepts that maynot covered in the above reference material from the book by Mike Griffiths

IMO, in addition to being a Practitioner, one must be able to explain and communicate about Technical practices & techniques, Team/People/Soft Skills, (Servant) Leadership and of course about Agile Manifesto and Scrum.

I'm sure there are many others looking for the "best plan" to get the PSM II. Appreciate thoughts and suggestions.


07:22 am February 16, 2014

Hi guys,

Thanks a million for your suggestions! I will definitely look into courses that are offered after investigating a bit more with guys who went trough this certification.

Shortly about Kent, he's Certified Instructor from AgileDigm. If someone had experience in regards to his training, maybe can comment on my statement. From my experience - very practical, engaging and straight on point. I just regret I couldn't remember more questions on the spot. All recommendations from my side.

If anyone has knowledge on type of questions on which to focus in comparison to PSM I, it would be greatly appreciated!



09:08 am February 16, 2014

> If anyone has knowledge on type of questions on which to focus in comparison to PSM I

It's the same syllabus, but you need to focus on the details of practical application. The Open Examinations remain highly relevant, especially for the non-essay questions, and you should continue with them studiously.

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