Frameworks and methodologies under Agile umbrella

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by Marko Kuusk
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03:31 pm March 23, 2022



Scrum, XP, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS are examples of frameworks under Agile umbrella.

But could you name some methodologies under the same umbrella? Can Lean Development, lean + 6sigma and Design Thinking be classified as methodologies under Agile umbrella?

07:25 pm March 23, 2022

But could you name some methodologies under the same umbrella?

An agile team should own their process, so it can be inspected and adapted effectively. The methodology they follow is their own. I wouldn't expect a team to put a name to it.

10:00 pm March 23, 2022

...under Agile umbrella.

For me to provide a response to your query, I would need to know what you mean by that statement.  Let me elaborate a little. And to do that, I will sound a lot like a purist of sorts but I feel it is important for people to understand each other before providing advice.


The word agile is an adjective that alludes to the ability of an entity to quickly move and adapt. This is the definition provided by Merriam-Webster

Definition of agile

1marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
an agile dancer

2having a quick resourceful and adaptable character
an agile mind

The way you are using the term is as a noun.  That buzz word was created by individuals that wished to capitalize on the Manifesto for agile software development.  It has different meanings depending on who you are talking to and in what way the conversation is using the word.  

There are MANY ways that an entity can be agile that do not involve any methodologies, frameworks or processes. That is because agility is a state of being and not a way of work. 

You listed a number of frameworks/methodologies that can aid entities to work in ways that enable inspect and adaption which can lead to more agile actions.  To me that means it is more philosophical than methodical, because inspect and adapt is very much in line with the philosophical theory of Empiricism. 

As @Ian points out, there is no reason any team has to follow a specific process or methodology in order to agile in their actions.  That is why frameworks are so popular.  They do not require or dictate methods or process.  

So I do not understand what "Agile umbrella" means to you.  If you could provide a more distinct explanation to what you are trying to understand, I feel like you could get better responses. 


06:58 am March 24, 2022

Thank You Daniel!

As I read your answer, I immediately realized how vague I was in my question.

By Agile umbrella I meant the mind set, bearing agile values and following agile principles.