Sprint Goal

Last post 12:35 pm February 24, 2014
by Joshua Partogi
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07:46 am February 24, 2014

" The Sprint Goal gives the Development Team some flexibility regarding the functionality implemented within the Sprint."

I am not getting this flexibility. Can somebody please explain this?

08:24 am February 24, 2014

In Scrum, the purpose of a Sprint is to deliver a potentially releasable increment of value. That's more important than just delivering all of the items in a Sprint Backlog. The Sprint Backlog must be revised and updated on an ongoing basis so that the Sprint Goal can be met and a satisfactory increment delivered.

12:35 pm February 24, 2014

Hi Aditya,

The Sprint Backlog has the implementation details and/or the plan to meet the Sprint Goal. The plan to meet the goal can change but the goal itself should not change.

For example there was a team I coached where their Sprint Goal is: to implement full text search.
Some implementation maybe using Lucene, use mysql fulltext search or use mongodb. As a self-organising development team, they have the flexibility to choose how to implement the Sprint Goal.