What is the optimal development team Members ??? (5 ???)

Last post 11:31 am March 4, 2014
by Ludwig Harsch
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09:49 am February 27, 2014


I have a question about the optimum number for the development team. I had a question which placed 5. Who can give me his opinion on this issue?? I have not seen anything on this ... Thanks for your help

11:06 am February 27, 2014

About optimal development team number...

Scrum.org give this answer it's 3 to 9 and never talk about 5...

So it's easy, this is not a required in Scrum... It's a Trap...

11:07 am March 4, 2014

This question is from testtaker and can someone please explain to me how this is true?

Q: Recommended size for a single development team is 6 plus or minus 3
A. True or False ?

Scrum.org says recommended size is between 3 and 9, so I don't seem to understrand how true is the correct answer.

11:31 am March 4, 2014

So the answer is true.