Passed PSM I with 97%

Last post 05:46 pm March 17, 2014
by Franck van der Sluijs
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12:27 pm March 6, 2014


I passed PSM 1 exam few days ago with 97%. I am silent reader of this forum and all the discussions that happen on this forum really help me get through this certification. Thanks to all you wonderfull people for providing valuable inputs to the queries posted.

Overall it took 40 minutes for me to answer all the questions and I revised all the answers for the remaining 20 minutes.

My Sources of preparation

1. Scrum Guide - Try to read multiple times and understand what is between the lines.
2. - Listen to videos and answer questions during the videos.
3. Scrum Master Training Manual from Management Plaza - Available for Free on the internet - Provides more descriptive explanation of the Scrum Guide content.
4. Go through all the discussions on the forums regarding PSM 1 exam.
5. Take the Open assessment till you get 100% consistantly.

My suggestions for for improvement.

1. There is a high need for marking questions for review so that these questions can be reviewed at the end without going through all answers.
2. There is lot of scope available where the quality of e-Certificate provided can be improved. After all we are only getting an e-Certificate and the quality can definitely be improvised. This is my feedback based on the other certificates that I had seen. If you ever improve the certificate, consider issuing new certificates for people who are already holding the credential.


05:46 pm March 17, 2014


Currently I’m preparing for the PSM 1 exam. I’ve already passed the open assessments a few times. Thanks for your tips!